Daniel Decker, Come To Kerala!

Daniel Decker holds a medal for the Aldo Leopold Award.

From time to time we extend invitations that reflect our appreciation for individuals making heroic contributions to the arts and sciences.  Professor Decker is more than worthy, as you can see in the story about the prize he just received (click the image to the left to go to the full story):

Decker’s research and outreach work has promoted a long-term vision of wildlife management by addressing how human dimensions have impact in such areas as suburban wildlife, adaptive harvest management, community-based management, hunter retention and wildlife habituation in national parks.

Along with mentoring many notable graduate students, Decker has had more than 130 publications, including seminal papers and books on wildlife and human dimensions that have introduced new ideas to the field.

“His efforts across the board have been visionary and have challenged professionals to help them become better leaders, decision makers, and overall stewards in trust of natural resources,” according to the award statement from The Wildlife Society.

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