Ambience, Raxa & You

Photograph by Michiko Nakao accompanying “The Discreet Charm Of Ambient Music” from the New Yorker website’s Culture Desk

Raxa Collective, an affiliation of conservation-oriented enterprises employing 180+ people serving 25,000+ travelers each year, looks from some angles like it is in the resort business.  It is.  But it also is not.  Among its several founders there was much discussion at the outset along the lines of: does the world really need another of those?

Not really.  So it is not a resort business any more than it is a conservation NGO (which it is also not, but from some angles it might look like one), a learning laboratory (which it is and is not) or a distribution channel for ornithologically-inclined photographers (ditto).

If there were to be a book called Resort Confidential it would be an insider’s view of all that should change in the resort industry globally.  We would hope to write a seminal chapter in that book.  We would not want to write the whole book.  We love company.

One inspiration is Brian Eno. A reminder of this is in Joshua Rothman’s review of Eno’s pioneering role in the evolution of, and his most recent contribution to, ambient music. Excerpting that review, it could be said that we hope to accomplish with our activities at Raxa Collective what “Lux” accomplishes musically:

…Ambient music isn’t like pop music. It doesn’t want the spotlight, or to conscript your body and mind. Instead, it aims to transform and divide your attention in more subtle ways…At the ideal, low volume, you’re aware of the music. But you’re equally aware of the way that it frames the other sounds you’re hearing and making: the traffic in the street, your own breathing, the keys on the keyboard, the creaks in the floorboards, the rustle of your clothes when you move. You’re also more in touch with the small inflections in your own moods. Each key change, and each new instrument, with its new timbre, is an opportunity to measure the difference between the feeling of the music and your state of mind. “Lux” is fascinating as music. But it also makes the world more fascinating. It’s a catalyst for consciousness and self-awareness…

Loving company, we invite you to sample.

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