Flavours Of Kerala – Sadya

Food is an important indicator of a region’s history. The diversity that one sees today in Kerala’s food evolved from its past, when profound historical and social events influenced the diet of the inhabitants. Only the end section of the banana leaf is used due to the precise method of serving a Sadya. Starting at the narrow end, individual items are carefully added from left to right with the curries above the dividing spine so they don’t get mixed with the rice which will be  placed on the bottom half later.

A Sadya is banquet-like in its basic character and can become even more elaborate, depending on the number of accompaniments- as little as four, going up to fifteen. Sadya is traditionally served only during Onam Festival and Hindu marriage functions, although now there are restaurants who offer this wonderful culinary cultural experience daily.

12 thoughts on “Flavours Of Kerala – Sadya

    • Hi Isaac! Sadya is amazing and is one of the iconic meals of South India, not just Kerala. The savory items, which are the majority, are mixed together to the degree that each is added to the rice as the meal is eaten. (We use our hands to eat here, so the individual adds enough moisture to allow each “finger full” or ball of food to hold together.) Some of the items are sweet, so therefore meant to be eaten as dessert alone. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The next stop by should be to come to Kerala and try it for yourself! Let us know!

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