See Sophie, Support Story

Forest ranger Klaus Echle tells us about befriending a wild female fox in Germany’s Black Forest. The fox wasn’t shy, and allowed him to follow her around and take astonishingly close-up photographs.

Love of a good story is the backstory of our site.  The backstory to that backstory–from before the time of Seth’s decade-old camping experience in Nicaragua, is one I have started telling here and there and intend to continue telling in the coming weeks of the new year.  Reading and listening to accomplished authors on the topic of writing can be inspiring or daunting to the would-be story-teller with more modest telling skills.  But tell we will, if only because practice makes perfect, and in the process we will also point out as many good stories as we can find.

Yesterday guests of Raxa Collective in Kerala, visiting from the USA, shared with Amie and me their enthusiasm for a radio show and podcast called The Story.  We found it.  We loved the first story we listened to, which brought to mind my own recent wild young animal experience.  Find The Story, and Sophie’s story, by clicking the image above.

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