If You Happen To Be In New York City

Many people happen to be in New York City. It happens all the time.  People just show up. But this time is different (as they all are, and so on).  In discussion recently, several of us at Raxa Collective agreed that the first time they heard of someone named Nick Cave, a rather offbeat artist to say the least, was through the music in a film that may have had the best soundtrack of any film ever.  Now, continuing that offbeat approach, he shows up in a train station of all places.  Only thing is, it is not the same Nick Cave.  That soundtrack Nick Cave was the real deal.  So is this one.  How many Nick Caves are there?

Nick Cave/ HEARD • NY

Presented by MTA Arts for Transit and CREATIVE TIME
Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal
March 25 – 31, 2013

Uniquely choreographed for Grand Central Terminal’s 2013 Centennial,HEARD•NY is a groundbreaking work by artist Nick Cave in which thirty colorful horses on view in Vanderbilt Hall are periodically brought to life by sixty dancers accompanied by live harp music. Cave seeks to celebrate this site of perpetual motion with an unexpected and joyful intervention into the station’s daily activity.

The project, which is open to the public free of charge, is co-presented by Arts for Transit and Creative Time as part of a series of events celebrating the centennial of Grand Central.

Nick Cave
Drawing on his training as both a visual artist and Alvin Ailey dancer, Nick Cave works in a wide range of mediums, including sculpture, installation, performance, and video. Cave’s Soundsuits—highlights of the artist’s oeuvre—are meticulously handcrafted from found objects, recycled remnants, and discarded materials. Existing as both sculptures in themselves and, when occupied by the body, activated forms, they reference dress and ritual attire from around the world, responding to the globalization of cultural identity. “My ability to make objects sing lies within the multiple readings of each work,” says the artist.

Cave’s exhibition Meet Me at the Center of the Earth (2009–2012), was presented at arts institutions throughout the country, and met with wide acclaim. His most recent solo exhibition, Triple-RippleFANTASTIC Lille3000 (2012), Lille, France, travels to the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, in Kolding, Denmark, where it opens on March 13, 2013. A new exhibition opens at the Denver Art Museum on June 9, 2013.

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