Richard Ouzounian, Come To Kerala!

He is the Theatre Critic for The Toronto Star, and let this fellow make a statement that is probably unparalleled in this sort of venue or any other venue for that matter. Artists are often reticent to share their views on meaning or interpretation, their craft, their purpose. This one puts it all out there, and Richard is wise to let him go at it.   That, and his 36th year of marriage, incline us to invite him to be our guest in Kerala. Could someone please let  him know? We will try to coordinate his visit with a few others who are all hopefully just now teeing up their travel plans. Or, some of these folks, if they make the visit would clearly make good company. Meanwhile, read this interview which closes (the interviewee presumably sharing what he was pursuing in the production in question) with the simple statement:


“I thought of Martin Luther King when I worked on this opera. Did he succeed in eradicating poverty and racism? No. Was his attempt to eradicate them one of the most glorious things in human history? Yes.”

Click the image above to go to the interview.

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