WED 2013 : Chef Nitin Padwal offers a case study in food waste reduction

WED 2013 - Raxa Collective

On June 5, we’ll celebrate World Environment Day. This year UNEP focuses on the theme Food waste/Food Loss. At Raxa Collective we’ll be carrying out actions and sharing experience and ideas. Come and join us with your ideas and tips to preserve foods, preserve resources and preserve our planet.


Here in India, food waste reduction is considered as mere common sense and rarely even mentioned, that’s why chef Nitin Padwal taking the time to explain his work for a restaurant kitchen with “0% sent to landfill” is precious and we’ll also deliver a case study on our own work here at AllSpice in Cardamom County. Nitin Padwal  used to work at the Taj Hotel in Nashik and the Renaissance Marriot in Mumbai before  he became Head Chef at Petrichor at The Cavendish London. Since his arrival there in 2010, Nitin Padwal championed the idea of a sustainable restaurant, and has made substantial improvements in that area. Watch the interview…

Nitin Padwal has brainstorming sessions with his team where they come up with the bimonthly menus, which are planned around the seasonal ingredients available in the local markets. The team selected a network of high quality local food suppliers, meeting the producers and visiting the farms. This helped establish solid working relationships, which in turn allowed to request a reduction in the packaging for each delivery. This reduces cardboard and plastic wastage, as well as costs for both parties. In the chef’s own words the whole thing “started to make sense, in environmental, economic and practical terms.”

Other sustainable measures include using the orange peel left from our orange juice to make marmalade or using pain au chocolat leftovers to make orange and chocolate pudding. What are your recipes for leftovers ?

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