Growing up on a plantation

a house in spring valley credit ea marzarte -Raxa collective

A house on a coffee plantation in Spring Valley, Kumily, Kerala

My mother and her ten brothers and sisters were raised on a sugar cane plantation. I always wondered what it was like, growing up in a lush and remote environment. Hiking to the school bus in the early morning and being rocked to sleep by the astounding noise of nightly creatures. Playing hide and seek on a neverending playground.

Telling scary stories over a well that might lead to the core of the Earth….

A well in Spring Valley credit Ea Marzarte Raxa Collective
Or making silly dares with red hot chili peppers.
Ripe green chillies credit Ea Marzarte - Raxa Collective

My family might have been in Mauritius and not in India, but I sense it might have been a similar experience. Growing up on a plantation remains in my mind a daily adventure in nature.

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