Cochin : exploring Mattancherry

Wandering around Mattancherry  : the vibrant murals covering the walls of Mattancherry Palace as well as each and every street; Dockers carrying sacks of produce urging you to move out of the way; Those boats that look more like works of art…not to mention the art installations on the docks… The streets that surround Spice Harbour, a development Raxa Collective is currently working on, are full of colours, spices and, yes goats…

Though less famous than its more touristy neighbour Fort Cochin, Mattancherry is a historical trading centre. Located in Kerala’s commercial capital, Cochin, it remained for centuries a prominent commercial zone. But gradually, it lost its importance. Roadways and the introduction of cars and lorries replaced the boats and canoes that once plied across the channel. Trade is still the most important activity though and the godowns (warehouses) and little shops are still bustling with dealers doing business in tea, jute, rubber, chillies, and spices like turmeric, cashew, ginger, cardamom and pepper. And after decades of abandonment, many godowns are now transitioning into art studios, galleries, and restaurants, we’ve even heard rumors about an upcoming cultural museum.

I’ll discover more about this bustling place and the people of Mattancherry this week as we will carry out community work in the neighborhood.

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