Navigating the Backwaters of Kerala

Have you ever felt like you were in a book ?

 Traveling on a houseboat  in the Backwaters was a desire of mine for quite a while, and I had been told the monsoon was the ideal period to take a trip on the Backwaters. The boats are fewer on the waterways, you can see locals compete in spectacular snake-boat races, the rice-paddies fill-up with rainwater, everybody gets around by canoe or ferry. It’s as different to my everyday life as can be.
It felt exactly like the beginning of Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile. Well, you know… before the murders. When everyone is happy to relax after exploring the temples, and in awe of the slow pace of life on the waterway and feeling so privileged to just be there…  Actually the monsoon went easy on us, it rained very briefly and we woke up to a bright sunshine. The kettuvalam was as beautiful as a boat can be, and it offered us an opportunity to see such a peaceful, yet invigatoring side of India.
If you ever plan to navigate the Backwaters, consider taking a trip with Raxa Collective on one of the River Escapes’s houseboats. It feels just like out of a book.

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