My Houseboat Experience

View of the Kerala backwaters

View of the Kerala backwaters

A few days ago, I had the privilege of going on one of the Raxa Collective River Escapes houseboats to tour the backwaters of Kerala and although it was quite rainy, it was still very beautiful.  First off, the houseboat itself was fantastically designed for traveling the backwaters. While it contained all of the first class amenities that anybody could ask for, it did not go overboard (pun intended); instead of an abundance of glass and feeling as if you were in a bubble, other than the bedrooms the boat is open air, and as the cool breeze danced across your face, it really felt like you were out on the backwaters.

What is so astonishing about the Kerala backwaters, and consequently what I, a student from the United States, have to often remind myself of, is that these backwaters define the lifestyle of so many individuals.Because there are few roads, they people who live on the backwaters have to depend on the water in order to get around – the school boat transport is a perfect example.  Growing up, I spent my time playing sports in my backyard, going to movies with my friends, and doing other types of “typical” youth activities in the United States.  But the activities that I consider “typical” would be considered ridiculous in the backwaters of India.  Kids here have to find other activities to pass the time, and I imagine most of them take advantage of the surrounding water.

From my experience traveling the backwaters of Kerala on the Raxa Collective houseboat, it is definitely something I would recommend to all visitors.  Additionally, while the backwaters are a beautiful, it is important to realize that some peoples lives are drastically defined by the surrounding bodies of water.

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