Indian Food For Thought

Thank you, Mr. Cardoz, on behalf of all those who resist the family’s gravitational pull to other professions, and choosing food.  And thanks to the New York Times for bringing your story in brief, thoughtful form:

In Edison, New Jersey, “Floyd Cardoz was scanning the shelves at a supermarket called Apna Bazar Cash and Carry, looking for inspiration,” Jeff Gordinier wrote in The New York Times. Mr. Cardoz, the executive chef and a partner at North End Grill in Manhattan, had no problem finding inspirational ingredients as “in recent years this part of New Jersey, a swath of Middlesex County west of Staten Island, has become a magnet for families with roots in India,” Mr. Gordinier wrote.

“And Mr. Cardoz, 52, who grew up in Mumbai but now lives a short drive away from this nexus of Indian-American culture, often makes a point of swinging through town to reconnect with the flavors that, in his youth, got him excited about flavor in the first place,” he wrote.

“In one way or another, India remains a presence in everything he creates,” he wrote…

Read the whole story here.

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