Greece Is Feeling The Love

Several of the most frequent contributors to this platform walked together in this quintessentially Greek passageway in 2008–the quality of the light, the stone, the feel this image gives can take you straight back to Greece for a moment if you let it.  So can this blog post from Messy Nessy, a new acquaintance:

Traveling the roads of Greece these past few days, it hasn’t taken long for the dollhouse-sized roadside chapels to become a bit of an obsession for me– which means stopping the car at every single one to snap a photo, of course. Some are elaborate little things made of terracotta or even marble, plonked in the middle of nowhere, high up in the mountains; no village or houses for miles, and yet impossibly, most of them are faithfully maintained with a candle always burning inside.

Whoever Messy Nessy is, s/he/it caught our attention with that text and the images accompanying it in that blog post, and all the way at the bottom of that post, the reference to a previous post with photographs like the following from Monemvasia, where the cave-like tunnel photo at the beginning of this post was taken in 2008.  Perhaps one member of our who was in that location at that time will have the chance to elaborate.  For now, we can recommend this article in the New York Times a couple days ago on why more and more people are visiting Greece these days.

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