Uthrattathi Vallamkali – Aranmula

Photo credits : Ramesh Kidangoor

Photo credits: Ramesh Kidangoor

The world famous Aranmula boat race will be held this year on September 20th. The uthrattathi Vallamkali sees 26 boats participating in the two days of festivities. The festivities involve the oarsmen singing traditional boat songs and wearing white Mundu and turbans. The boats are decorated with golden lace at the head of the boat and a flag and ornamental umbrellas in the center.

During the festivities there are reenactments of the legend of a Brahmin. According to legend, Sree Krishna himself appeared before the Brahmin, and Brahmin vowed to offer the Onam feast at the Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple. Rivals tried to intercept the boat bringing the provisions for the feast, but the Brahmin’s kinfolk came to the rescue. The offerings were saved and carried away in a fleet of Palliyodam, which is said to be the boat for deities and royalty. 

snake boats

snake boats

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