Farm Fresh From Ghana

Accra Green Market Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

Accra Green Market
Photo Courtesy of The Guardian

Recently Ghana had its first ever farmer’s market in its capital of Accra, featuring locally grown, sustainable, and organic produce. This is a big step for the organic farmers in the area to expose their products to the local people. According to an article in The Guardian,

The only space we (the farmers) usually get to market our products are at the bazaars of international schools, where we sell to a lot of expats, but we need more markets like this – the best feedback we have had for our products is from Ghanaians.

There are many different items on sale at this new market including organic honey, mushroom wine, organic chili sauces, and much more. The organizers believe that this market is a part of a new sustainable trend in organic and local food brought on by the growing middle class of Ghana. Also helping this trend is the expansion of hotels and restaurants in the capital, with an increasing number of foreign chefs looking for local and quality products.

There are some well-established benefits of buying local products. Firstly, it helps contribute to the local economy. Secondly, it helps reduce pollution created from the transportation of the products elsewhere. Lastly, it allows the buyers to know where and how the products are grown. This first Ghana farmers market is a great start to helping and promoting, local and healthy eating in the area. One can hope that in few years there will be many more of these organic farmers markets throughout Ghana.

Click here to read the article.

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