Photography Tips: Posers

Although luck is always a factor, Kabini is well-known for leopards lounging in trees almost seeming to pose for the camera.

The Crested Serpent Eagle is another photographer friendly species to be found there. You see so many of them that you can pick and choose which one to photograph and which to leave. The best part is that since Kabini Forest Reserve only allows vehicle safaris, the Mahindra Jeeps put you at eye level, making it easy to compose good images. The greens of the forest provide an excellent complementary background as well.

Choosing the background is important in image making. Hence when you approach the bird for photography, you shouldn’t immediately stop the vehicle and start shooting. Ask the driver to take a slow approach and when you feel the angle is right with a complementary background and no distractions, ask him to stop and switch off the engine. This species is generally cooperative and will not fly.

In the case above we had to leave the bird as we received a call that another jeep was photographing something interesting elsewhere. We joined them and then again came back to this bird, waiting patiently for his cameo. When you understand the behavior of your subjects you can plan your shot.

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