Appam at Home

Yesterday, Jake and I were kindly invited by our Assistant Manager Salim to dinner with his clients and family. His wife cooked us beef stew, fish fries, tapioca, appam, and many other things. The other dishes were mouthwatering and flavorful, but everyone was so amazed by her soft, fluffy, sweet and delicious appam!

Appam is a popular breakfast and dinner dish in Kerala that are made primarily out of rice and coconut. It is usually served with a range of side dishes such as stew, curry, egg roast, and others. The batter is cooked in a concave iron pan, giving the pancake the shape of a UFO with the middle part bulging out. The outside of the bread is thinner and hence crispier while the inside is soft and airy.

Many recipes are available on line but here’s a fun way to learn how to make them!

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