Thevara Badminton, Inauguration

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Raxa Collective has at least as many neighborhoods to consider as we do properties under our management–each of which has a remarkable surrounding community–which is to say six in Kerala, one in Costa Rica, and one in Ghana. If you talk to anyone on our team at Cardamom County, most of whom have lived their entire lives within a short distance of the resort, they will tell you that the Periyar Tiger Reserve, as much as the spice plantations and tea estates, and the people who live nearby and work in those locations, are all our good neighbors; we work with them on initiatives of common interest.

Ditto for River Escapes whose staff all comes from surrounding backwaters communities; same for Xandari, and the others. For some of us who work in Raxa Collective’s central office, Thevara is our home neighborhood.  So when we were asked to sponsor this new initiative of a Badminton Tournament, we were all in. Racquets, birdies, nets, and competition shirts. Yesterday at 6pm, the inaugural ceremony was the best block party we have seen, a bit formal at first but mostly young people cheering the event on.

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