Rim Shot

Part of what I call the previsualization process in photography relates to lighting. A good photographic artist must be able to understand their equipment well enough to blend what they see through the viewfinder and visualize the framing from the lens+camera combination.

I was walking in this path at Bharatpur when I saw this group of Rhesus Macaques coming from behind me. I saw this light patch in front of me and stopped for the Macaques to cross that patch.

I knew I would get the image I visualized if any of the macaques stopped at that point. Fortunately one of them did and looked back for the others and this young one came running and posed beside him. I knew I had my shot. It had been a 2 hour trek to the Python point carrying heavy equipment and this image made it all worth it and brought a nice smile to my face.

As photographers we wait for the one image that makes all the work and patience worth it with the knowledge that it might not happen when we want it to. And this one made my day!

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