From Arctic to Oceania in Eight Days

Migrating Bar Tailed Godwit – Mulki, India

Every autumn the Bar-tailed godwit undertakes an eight-day journey from Alaska to New Zealand. The bird flies non-stop, rarely breaking the whopping 11,000 kilometer journey to rest or eat.

This wading bird is far superior to all aircraft constructed by humans when it comes to the art of flying for a long time without a break; unlike seabirds, they can neither rest on water nor feed at sea.

They consume unusually little energy compared to other species of bird during migration, with a precise ratio of body weight to size to have sufficient energy for the entire flight. The energy used is mainly comprised of body fat, and to some extent protein. It also has the best aerodynamic body so that air resistance is minimized.

A few of them occasionally drop by our shorelines and I was lucky to photograph them. What a pleasure!

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