Flavours of Kerala – Puttu and Kadalakari

Puttu on right and kadalakari on left. Photo credits: Renjith

Puttu and kadalakari (chickpeas), make a popular breakfast for Keralites. Puttu is made by steaming rice flour along with grated coconut in a puttu kudam (a steamer in cylindrical shape)Puttu is a humble and healthy breakfast dish that takes minimum time and effort to make.

3 thoughts on “Flavours of Kerala – Puttu and Kadalakari

  1. Interesting post!. In our country, Puttu is served as snack. usually at tea time or in the late afternoon with a cup of ginger coffee or other hot drink. Cool day gives additional taste to enjoy them. Puttu in Kerala and Putu ( with a single “t”) in Cigudeg-Bogor, Indonesia is also made from the same dough but we add cracked palm sugar inside. Plain white color is common and green color is attractive appearance. the green color is made from squeezed Suji leaves that gives very special fragrance. I love this post and thank you for sharing with us..

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