If You Happen To Be In Muzuris

The ancient port city of Muzuris came into the spotlight in 2012 with the critically acclaimed Kochi-Muzuris Biennale, but the Muzuris Heritage Project highlights the region in a more historical context.

Located just 30 km north of Kochi in Paravur and Channamangalam, the four museums–Kerala History Museum, Lifestyle Museum, Kerala Jewish History Museum, and Jewish Lifestyle Museum–were inaugurated this Sunday.

The four museums together present a comprehensive picture of the political and cultural history and lifestyle of the region….

…The Muziris Heritage Project, spearheaded by the Tourism Department, envisaged a group of heritage and tourism plans around key historical monuments in North Paravur, Kodungalloor, Chennamangalam, Pallippuram, Mala and other areas. A group of 25 museums proposed under the project would be strung together to give visitors a tour of the history and lifestyle of the entire region. The project had also proposed a boat service linking these sites to provide easy access to tourists.

Read the entire article here...

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