A Monkey Story

monkeyI love monkeys like I love elephants. I can sit and watch them for hours, they’re so interesting and intelligent. If you get a chance, you should try it some time!

Here’s a story about an experience I had with monkeys in my home town of Nilambur:

The city of Nilambur had lots of monkeys roaming around. They used to come into the city and our houses in search of food. This might sound sinister, but actually the way they came around was hilarious: they’d form a line and march towards the city gate, cross it, and then enter neighborhoods as a group. The problem was, they created havoc! They destroyed all the crops and stole objects that took their fancy,  making a mess of the whole place. My grandmother lost many of her blouses, and since she got very upset, my grandpa decided to keep a dog, named Tommy, just to scare the monkeys away.

I didn’t see the following incident personally, but the way Grandpa told the story, we used to laugh out loud and ask to hear the story over and over again.


One day, a few monkeys entered our house and were walking towards the banana orchard, which of course was full of bananas. Tommy ferociously came running towards the monkeys barking, and stood menacingly in front of them. You will not believe what happened next: One of the monkeys actually slapped Tommy across his face, and Tommy turned around and ran back into his kennel. That was the last time Tommy ever came out of the kennel if there was a monkey around!

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