Visualizing Carbon


Carbon, and what to do about it, has been a constant topic of interest to our readers since we began this site. The single most-read post, Carbon Emissions Series: Vacationers’ Diets is on this very topic. But how can we visualize carbon such that we care more about it? Thanks to the website of the magazine Conservation for this link, whose title says it all:


A short animated film from Carbon Visuals is being used to engage managers around the world about the fundamentals of sustainability, how sustainability is relevant to their role and its importance to business success.

Created for the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL), the film shows the current and expected resource use and parking space of all the world’s cars, as well as the CO2 emissions of cars today.

The film is being used as part of an on-line, interactive training programme developed by CPSL and aimed at mid-career, high-potential and senior managers, the majority located outside of Europe and North America. It allows users to explore a simplified automotive industry value chain using data collated in collaboration with University of Cambridge Department of Engineering.


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