Growing Fruit and Vegetables at Xandari

The view from the path right before reception

Much of the fresh, rich compost that Xandari produces from all sorts of organic material is used as the perfect substrate to grow delicious fruits and vegetables on property, both in greenhouses and out in the open. During our tour a few days ago with José Luis, James and I saw dozens of tomatoes (three different varieties), lots of lettuce, citrus and other tropical fruits, green beans, and much more.

So in addition to all the local and plentiful sources of food for the wildlife around Xandari created by huge trees with little berries, palm trees with bright fruit, and other plants that José Luis knows can help create good habitat, there’s also more than enough garden produce to keep the resort’s restaurant stocked with much of what it needs!

A view of the Mandala

This includes herbs from the garden around the Spa and the Mandala, which are filled with traditional plants used to spice and season dishes. In a future post we’ll cover the herbs grown in both places, with photos and descriptions of typical Costa Rican cuisine in which they are most commonly used.

Tomatoes growing outside. Photo by James Zainaldin

James in the vegetable greenhouse

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