A Birding Blast From the Past

Blue-crowned Motmot at Xandari

Trending on the web nowadays is the tagline “throwback Thursday,” or #tbt, used to recall old photos or experiences with an interesting or humorous sense of nostalgia. As James and I spend most early mornings going out around Xandari to explore the trails and document the avifauna we can find, I am reminded of similar excursions I made with my friend and fellow Tomás de Berlanga English teacher Mari, in Mindo, Ecuador.

About two years ago on the dot, Mari and I saw an amazing group of birds in one of Costa Rica’s great competitors in terms of birding hotspots. As you can see from my first post about manakins, two years ago I did not consider myself a birder — now, as James and I add our observations around Xandari to eBird every day, my opinion may have changed slightly (though I can’t yet subscribe to the labels of bird-head or bird-nerd by a long shot).

Hoffmann’s Woodpecker (male) at Xandari

Although the images and videos in the linked post above and this one here are not the highest quality, I hope they still give a good sense of the type of birding to be done in Mindo if you ever get a chance! But if Ecuador is too far afield at the moment, you should consider the opportunities that Costa Rica and Xandari offer!

Steely-vented Hummingbird at Xandari

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