A Few More Flowers at Xandari

I’ve posted before about flowers around Xandari. I thought I would continue to catalog the biodiversity of Xandari with another roundup of the incredible flowers that can be found in the area. (For another take on this catalog, see Seth’s other post on Xandari insects.)

Flowers are, in general, a fickle bunch, and many of the petals you see here will have fallen off in only a few days or a week’s time. Because Seth and I are staying at Xandari for an extended period, we can see the cascade of brilliant colors that a shorter trip would only see a slice of–but that’s just a good reason to make sure you stick around a bit longer on your next visit and take daily walks through the unbelievably verdant gardens. (Also, make sure to check out the Orchid House while you’re here for other incredible blooms–more on that in a future post.)

4 thoughts on “A Few More Flowers at Xandari

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