The Seasonality of Flowers

These flowers are called “fósforos” in Spanish, meaning “matches.” (Guess why!) They’re much beloved by Steely-vented Hummingbirds.

Xandari’s guests often remark on how difficult it is not to take dozens, even hundreds, of photos around the resort–one reason for that is the abundant flora. Even though I know I probably shouldn’t do another post on flowers (see my others here and here), I will use a similar excuse and say that I have a very hard time walking by the amazing blooms and not pulling out my camera to snap a quick picture. Flowers only bloom for a short time before dropping their petals and waiting in repose for the next season–this small window of loveliness is one of the reasons why they are so compelling. Their spectacular colors and scents can’t be preserved forever–once they’re gone, they’re gone until the next season. These windows of opportunity can be quite short, but they’re what make flowers worth it; like most good things in life, they gain their preciousness from their inability to be mass-produced and made instantly available (no matter how hard Western society may try to do that). Because different flowers bloom at different time, each week around Xandari seems to bring new floral delights. Check out some of the photos below, and the more extensive gallery at the bottom.

Spider lily

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