Xandari’s Mandala Herb Garden

If you’ve been following some of the recent posts about Xandari’s trails, flowers, and gardens in general, then you are probably aware that the resort’s property abounds with plant life that is beneficial to visitors — both human and otherwise — in some way. One element of the gardens that James and I have not emphasized as much, though James mentioned it in his post on Aloe vera and I did in an earlier post, is the mandala, a circular garden near the spa and the entrance to Xandari that holds dozens of herbs.

One great combination of herbs that guests can experience right on the spot is taking a stevia leaf and a “chocolate mint” (not pictured) leaf and chewing them together, making for a simple, sweet, refreshing treat. The herbs at the mandala are used for spa treatments as well as the restaurant at the resort, and some new vegetables have been planted (including yucca and eggplant) that will be enjoyed by guests in the months to come!

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