Seed Saving as a Safeguard for Biodiversity


This is a seed savers network we are looking to collaborate with on our organic farm initiatives.

The recent post here about The New Yorker article on genetically modified seeds and Vandana Shiva helped me understand more about this era we are entering of biotechnology.

Regardless of whether or not it’s healthy to consume genetically modified foods, we are at risk of losing biodiversity and heirloom varieties. In support of protecting biodiversity, having heirloom varieties of plants in the La Paz Group gardens is important. Once the plants go to seed, we can save them to plant the following season. 

We recently discovered this soil and seed savers network called Annadanna whose mission is to empower farmers to save seeds and transition to organic practices as well as provide educational programs. They have a farm and established seed bank that provides free seeds for marginal farmers in India.

Their mission:

By conserving heritage seeds which is central
to food security; we safegaurd the health of
our society and planet

We are looking to collaborate with them as a member of their seed savers network as we move forward with our organic farm to table initiatives at Cardamom County, Kayal Villa, and Marari Pearl, and by extention at Spice Harbour. Seed saving and growing heirloom varieties is a method of protecting biodiversity that we are excited about participating in.

What kind of seeds are you planting?

4 thoughts on “Seed Saving as a Safeguard for Biodiversity

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