Goats and Gallinas at Xandari

The chicken coop with two visiting turkey neighbors

At Xandari, right by the orchard and the greenhouse, you can find pens with a good thirty-something chickens, two goats, and three turkeys. Providing eggs for the restaurant every day, the chickens — or gallinas, as they’re called in Spanish — leave their pen every day to forage amongst the orchard trees, which are primarily citrus fruits. The turkeys are currently living at Xandari for aesthetic purposes, but the hope is that eventually they could also supply eggs or meat to the kitchen.

A Xandari guest feeding Sparkle some grass

Xandari’s goats, named Sparkle and Twinkle, are mother and daughter, and the plan is to eventually find a way to breed them for kids and start producing milk and cheese for use at the restaurant. After all, who wouldn’t like some fresh homemade goat cheese with their salad?

A fresh egg!

The chicken coop is made partly from the giant bamboo on property. A small grove of it actually grows right next to the animal pens.

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