World Wildlife Week: Why Save the Tiger?

tiger by Sudhir Shivaram

As a part of celebrating World Wildlife Week I will be sharing information about the importance of saving our Natural History, hopefully trying to create awareness among the growing nature lovers. Lets start with why we need to save the Tiger.

The tiger is at the top of the food chain. Therefore, the healthy presence of tigers indicates healthy forests. The presence of tigers in a forest has dual benefits, firstly, it keeps the ungulate (hoofed animals like deer and wild boar) population in check and also keeps humans at bay as most people are scared of venturing into a tiger or lion forest. This mostly applies to poor villagers and not poachers and hunting tribes. If there is no apex predator, herbivores wreak havoc and humans enter the forest for farming, logging, and poaching of smaller animals with less fear. The existence of tigers is vital for the survival of forests. But why do we need forests? Think of the forest as a gigantic sponge. A sponge absorbs water and stores it until and unless you squeeze it out.

During the few months of monsoon, the forests absorb billions of gallons of rainwater. During the dry months, two things happen to this water; it is taken up by the trees via their roots and then transpired into the atmosphere. This transpired water, in the form of water vapour, forms clouds and in a few months’ time, precipitates to form rain. The second thing that happens to the rainwater is that it forms underground rivers and streams. These streams then later rise to the surface to form rivers. These rivers flow to areas even where there has been no rain for many months. So forests provide us with our drinking water. Three hundred of such small and big rivers originate from just 41 tiger reserves in India! Therefore we can say that:

Tigers = Forests = Water = US

This is why we need to save tigers.
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