If You Happen To Be In New York City


It is the sort of conference we are happy to see hosted by an MBA program:


Friday, October 31, 2014

We are living in promising but turbulent times. Never before has there been such interest in harnessing innovation to find sustainable solutions for communities and the environment, but never have the problems been more urgent, complex or challenging.

While more business leaders are pursuing sustainable strategies, what can be done to accelerate this change and harness the talents of millennials as future sustainable leaders to ensure they realize this potential? What can be done to sustain interest in solving social and environmental issues, sustain funding for these efforts, and sustain the pipeline of social entrepreneurs leading these changes?

Join us at the 2014 Social Enterprise Conference by Columbia Business School and help spark the conversation on driving sustainable change beyond the new millennium:

  • Sustainable Practices: How are companies successfully ingraining sustainability into the development of their corporate strategy and business practices?
  • Sustainable Financial Models: What are the challenges to harnessing the power of capital markets to create sustainable impact for the global community and environment?
  • Sustainable Behaviors: How can design thinking, new behavioral models, and socially-conscious marketing create the right incentives for lasting structural and systems-wide changes?

Featuring Keynote Speakers: Al Gore, Former Vice President, and Alicia Glen, NYC Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development

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