Bosque del Cabo and Xandari

A Yellow-headed Caracara raising its head feathers

A Yellow-headed Caracara raising its crest at Bosque

I’ve posted before on the beauty of Bosque del Cabo and some of the wildlife that my family and I spotted when we were there just about a month ago, but at the time I didn’t touch on the complementarity of the coastal rainforest nature lodge with Xandari Resort in the Central Valley, where I’ve been based the last six months.

My first experience of the compatibility between Bosque del Cabo and Xandari was vicarious. One of my good friends at Cornell knew that I had lived in Costa Rica and asked for advice on places to stay for his parents and younger sister over spring break (unfortunately, he had to stay in Ithaca for varsity athletics). Of course, my first recommendation was Xandari as a first and last stop (Xandari’s proximity to the main international airport makes it ideal for this). From there, Xandari’s reservations team helped my friend’s family coordinate a couple other places to visit, and one of them, not surprisingly, was Bosque del Cabo.

Xandari is nestled in the mountains above Alajuela in the Central Valley, surrounded by coffee plantations (by the way, the gardening team is harvesting borbón beans to get seeds ready to plant more next year!). Bosque, on the other hand, has fantastic views of both the Golfo Dulce and Pacific Ocean, and within an hour you can walk down from the lodge to different beaches to surf, stand-up paddleboard, look for weird worm creatures in the tide pools, enjoy the view or cool off in one of the natural stone plunge pools.

Being on the Pacific coast, Bosque is a great place to find the almendra nut-eating Scarlet Macaw (also photographed at Bosque here while my brother and I were surfing for the first time in over ten years). In fact, the macaw is Bosque’s champion charismatic bird, featured in the lodge’s logo. Macaws and the beach are one iconic part of Costa Rica; another key element of the country is its volcanoes and campesino life. Xandari is in the foothills of the mountain range that includes Poás Volcano (photo I took of crater here), which is just an hour away from the resort after a drive through dairy, strawberry, and fern agriculture country. Another famous volcano, Arenal, is a couple hours drive from Xandari too.

Looking through my month-old photos of Bosque, I found some shots (like all those above) that I didn’t share in my last posts, such as a male Black-hooded Antshrike, whose laughing whistle is heard throughout the lodge’s forest reserve, and a pretty butterfly. The resident biologist at Bosque actually recorded a new species there just a few weeks ago! When you live in the rainforest, you can find all sorts of cool bugs every day.

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