Winning Wildlife Photography of 2014

2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year invertebrate category winner: ‘Night of the deadly lights’ by Ary Bassous (Brazil). Photograph: Ary Bassous/2014 WPY. Via The Guardian.

We’ve always loved wildlife photography, and the explosion of competitions over the web in the last decade has created the type of arms race for the best shot in which the audience always wins. Folks over at The Guardian know what’s up: they’ve compiled some of the most amazing wildlife photographs from various competitions over the course of 2014, so we have an even greater pool of shots to enjoy.

Second place: ‘Common seal’ by Grant Auton. ‘Meet Mrs Seal … This particular seal decided the river is a great place to raise her young even though it’s some 40 miles inland, in the process she’s learned to use the locks to travel up and down the river. She then squeezes in as the gates are closing and stays at the surface while the lock either drains or fills only leaving once the last boat departs.’ Photograph: Photograph: Grant Auton/2014 Mammal Photographer of the Year. Via The Guardian.

Overall winner of the photography categories and animal portraits winner in the BBC Wildlife camera-trap competition: ‘Black Rhino’ by Will BurrardLucas, North Luangwa national park, Zambia. Photograph: Will Burrard-Lucas/2014 BBC Wildlife Camera-trap competition. Via The Guardian.

2014 Fritz Pölking Nature Photography award winner: ‘The pollarded beech’ trees in the forest of Gorbeia by Urtzi Vera (Spain). Photograph: Urtzi Vera /2014 Fritz Pölking nature photography award. Via The Guardian.

Check out the rest of The Guardian‘s gallery here.

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