A Word About Our Partners

Research trips, especially international ones, take a lot of money to organize and execute properly. There’s flights, gear, accommodations, food, and other logistical or supply costs that add up to a hefty sum, and field scientists can rarely afford to foot the bill themselves. That’s where large, well-funded organizations like the Smithsonian Institution come in. The coordination and leadership of a museum and research body like the Smithsonian, paired with additional support in the form of grants or gear from other groups, is what makes a successful research trip possible.

For our Jamaica expedition, we’re benefitting from major funding and employment by the Smithsonian Institution, and supplemental funding from the Rufford Foundation, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Cornell’s Betty Miller Francis ’47 Fund. We also have loaned camping gear from Cornell Outdoor Education and are borrowing audiovisual equipment from the Lab of Ornithology. Finally, we have binoculars and chest-straps from an IDEA WILD grant and nākd bars to help us keep a healthy diet in the field.

John, Justin and I want to thank all our partners for their support — the Golden Swallow Jamaica expedition would not be possible without them!

2 thoughts on “A Word About Our Partners

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