First Days in Jamaica with Smithsonian Expedition

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John, Justin and I have been at the Windsor Research Center for a day and getting ready for our first five or six day trip through Cockpit Country. Every single Jamaican we’ve met so far has been super friendly and helpful. We won’t be able to update as much as we’d like but hopefully every week we can send out one quick post. If you don’t hear from us though, it’s likely just because there’s some wind hitting the leaves that are reflecting the signal that the antenna here picks up and plugs into the desktop they use at Windsor.

Today, after doing some hiking and birding (we saw some Jamaican Todies!), John did our food rationing, Justin started our packing, and I used a makeshift funnel to put eggs into bottles for our traps. Tomorrow we’re starting a trip down to the town of Troy and back, with a hired donkey and his owner Bobo! It should take five to six days and we’re excited to get out in the bush.

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