First feelings in Kerala

View from Xandari Harbour; Photo credit: Derek Spier

This weekend I arrived in India for the first time. My name is Lucie and I’m currently studying business at Audencia School of Management in Nantes, France. I’ll spend four months here in an internship with Raxa Collective.

My first “home” with Raxa Collective is Xandari Harbour, in Fort Kochi. When I arrived the first thing that astonished me was the warm welcome from the team of co-workers, also named the “Raxa Collective Family”. To be honest, as a French girl I am not used to this kind of welcome. Right away they gave me everything I would need to be comfortable with them and my new surroundings. They definitely know how to welcome a foreigner! ​From the moment I arrived the team helped me forget my 31 hours of travel, replacing it with the knowledge of how lucky I am to be here.

If you have already read some articles on this blog, you probably will agree with my assessment regarding the link between nature and the company. Now that I know a little more about Raxa Collective it’s clear to me that we can’t talk about it without talking about nature, too. So, as much as the warm welcome, I was also really impressed by the place and the amazing landscape.

The sunset was for me the best moment. I was having dinner with Crist and Amie. We were talking about the company and they were talking passionately about the company’s values and what it does.  The sun was going down leading to new colours and new atmosphere. The traditional boats in front of me were also parts of the spell.
I realized at that moment that the choice of location for this hotel (and for sure the others as well) where totally in line with Raxa Collective’s philosophy.

One thing that I really appreciated during this conversation is the fact that they know what they want and how to manage it. For Raxa Collective, being respectful of nature and values is essential. They want to be proud of what they achieve. During this discussion and the following ones, we also talked about my place within the company. They asked me first what my own expectations were. I was sort of confused because I didn’t anticipate this kind of question. As an intern I assumed that they will give me tasks and “that’s it”. I was completely wrong. Their goals for a successful internship are for a win-win situation.  They will also give me the opportunity to move as much as possible between the different properties, and definitely this is the best approach to discover and understand the company. Understanding that I will be part of the process will make the experience all the more successful.

In others words, I am really looking forward to this four month internship that has the potential to be one of my greatest experiences. So thank you to the Raxa Collective Family, I’m happy to be here!

5 thoughts on “First feelings in Kerala

  1. Hi Lucie Daban,

    Hope you are enjoying Kerala working with the Raxa Collective family. Few years ago I been there for nine months. It was a great experience for me. I feel very lucky that I got an opportunity to work with them. I went there for hospitality training from Bangladesh. Crist and Amie is the best teacher in the world. It was in 2011. Most of the time of my training period I stayed in the Cardamom County resort. There was a very family atmosphere. I can remember Ms. Marina(Executive keeper), Mr. Vinu (Ayurvade doctor), Mr. sontosh (maintenance engineer), Mr. Selim, Mr. Sumesh(corporate F&B manager) and many more. They were my teacher, friend and family. I miss them.

    I hope you will also like the traditional tasty food! If you love photography then You can meet Milo. Wish you all the best Lucy.

    Operations Officer,
    International Recreation Club,

    • Hi Huda,
      Thank you for this nice comment. I enjoy a lot my stay here. Everything is very pleasant : people, food, place…
      I am currently in Xandari Harbour for one month now and I will move to Cardamom County next week; I hope I will enjoy as much as you did but I went there just for one week-end and I am sure that I will !!!
      I totally agree about the family atmosphere, I have the same feeling here in fort Kochi. I also think that work and spend time with local people is the best way to discover and learn about their culture.
      Thanks again.


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