Becoming Insta-Ready

In one of my previous posts I mentioned the importance of always being camera-ready in Xandari. Now, having learned my lesson, I make sure my camera gets charged everyday because Seth and I have created an Instagram account for Xandari. The idea to make an account for the hotel had been stirring in my mind for a few weeks. However, it wasn’t until I was about to take another breathtaking sunset picture and a dreaded “memory full” warning sign popped up on the camera screen that I realized the concept could no longer remain dormant; it had to become a reality!

Being responsible for managing Xandari’s Instagram not only presents an opportunity for the resort to diversify its reach to target audiences but also provides an additional platform for guests to share their experiences and moments with the hotel (not to mention that it also gratifies my enjoyment of selecting the ideal filter for an image). Our aim with the posts is to capture the inspiration that we get from interacting with and appreciating the environment around us.

To make sure we were prepared for this endeavor, I spent one beautiful, sunny morning walking around the property capturing pictures of anything that caught my eye. There was more than enough flowers, animals, trees, fruits, mosaics, and views (just to name a few) that captivated me, but also one too many birds, hummingbirds, and butterflies that darted away from my camera focus (fortunately, I can count on Seth for pictures of the more “rambunctious” subjects). After the photo shoot and discarding duplicated or blurry shots, I prepared a schedule for the next few Instagram posts with rough drafts of the content for each one. I showed my coworkers some of the potential future Instagram posts and to my delight they were impressed.

I am excited to see how this Instagram account develops greater awareness of one of the company’s hotels. But more importantly, I am excited to see how it reinforces RAXA Collective’s Instragram account and our mission of community, collaboration, and conservation. For now, the pictures will be ones that Seth or I have taken, but that does not mean I might not casually approach guests that sport a super massive telephoto lens and gently jest if that they might send us a photo they have taken to post on our account — and give them credit of course!

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