Splashing Festivities


In the past month, a wave of newcomers has joined the Xandari team, and to my delight, it means I´m no longer “the new girl.” This has been my first opportunity to welcome new members and receive them as warmly as I was greeted when I arrived in July. Our new coworkers at the front desk are the ones I’ve had the chance to help with any questions about billing or assisting with guest needs, and this new responsibility is the one I enjoy the most. Even though in certain circumstances I still have to refer to my other, more experienced, coworkers to help resolve the matter, I still get to learn how to take care of obstacles that I have not encountered before. Additionally, questions or doubts that the new employees have are helpful for identifying the details in the front desk duties and training process that could be made clearer.


To add to “the wave” of changes that have happened recently, there are a few other members, not employees however, that are supporting us during the holiday season. Ten reindeer (not real ones, unfortunately) are hanging around the lobby and restaurant areas of the hotel and adding to the jolly spirit of the holidays with their beady (literally, not figuratively) little eyes and red felt bows. These woody helpers, though a bit delicate, don’t succumb to the pressures of constant attention and intrigue from guests.


Yesterday afternoon Xandari held its yearly staff party. The hours leading up to the event were full of excitement and anticipation. All the employees arrived to the restaurant at noon sharp for the buffet lunch, which offered a marinated beef loin with white rice, a mixed green salad, some yucca chips, and a tres leches (sponge cake with three types of milk!) dessert. After the appetizing meal and some friendly chatter, the party migrated to pool #1. The dark clouds that loomed in the distance kept at bay long enough for a rowdy water fight break out between the girls and the boys. I’ll refrain from naming the instigator of the whole watery fiasco that ensued and the culprit of my demise, along with several others, in the pool, but I’ll admit that thanks to his playful gumption the party was a delight. There were a limited number of water guns, but no limited number of employees enjoying the spectacle of fellow coworkers shooting bursts of water at each other and chasing each other around in attempts to get each other soaked. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of a successful year and capture the heart and spirit of the Xandari family.

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