A Few Thoughts To Close The Year

A blog that began with two university students in far-off places is now going into its fifth calendar year. We are committed to its ongoing relevance, and notice that we were all rather quiet in recent weeks, with sparse postings as time permitted, but one thing that has been very consistent is our “bird of the day” posting. We are heartened just now reading by what may be the last guest comment of the year from one of the properties we care for, which shows that our effort with birds is bearing fruit:

…best thing for us was the dedication this resort places on bird watching…a dedicated birding guide…patient , funny, and very knowledgeable about the birds one would expect on the premises. We learned so much from him and it carried over as we continued with our CR trip…

As important as birds are, we head into a new year thinking about all the important topics we still need to give attention to. For example, there is much to be said on changing approaches to leadership of organizations we respect; from the upcoming issue of a magazine we have relied on for new ideas and deep reporting, here is some new click bait:

To the right of the stage was written a series of words that described Ford’s hoped-for future: Justice, Opportunity, Voice, Dignity, Creativity, Change, Visionaries. Walker himself was beloved for his democratic exuberance, manifested both in his vivacious clothing (his jaunty ties, his pocket squares, his pig cufflinks) and in his untiring enthusiasm.

“There is a lot going on at the Ford Foundation,” he declared. “So fasten your seat belts!”

If that is your last read of 2015, you will not regret it. We will be back in the new year, in full force with voices that have gone quiet recently to complete this year’s work, to continue linking you to the best examples we can find about community, conservation and collaboration. For now, over and out.

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