Bringing Nature-Oriented Science To An Urban Audience

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.04.40 AM

Wild monkeys can learn from a demonstration video set up in the forest. Video by David Frank and James Gorman on September 29, 2014

Several of the videos in this series have been featured on our pages over the last few years, but not all of them (for an example of one we neglected to link to previously, check out this one above). Today the series is crossing round number landmark, so we join in their celebration in hope that the series continues:

Fire Ants, Goshawks and Dog Tongues, Oh My: The Best of Science Take

Since September 2013, ScienceTake videos of apes, bats, water droplets, lassos, popcorn and spider sex have been viewed millions of times.

With each ScienceTake, we try to offer compelling (and sometimes creepy) imagery, a glimpse at how science is done and answers to questions that are rarely asked. Like: How does a frog hang on to a slippery rock? And how in the world would you figure that out? The video comes from the scientists themselves.

To mark the milestone, we’ve created a sampler of five of our greatest hits from the archives. But the other 95 are pretty great, too, so feel free to dive into our video library. On to the next 100!

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