Xandari, Early Saturday Morning



I have walked these trails hundreds of times during the nearly two decades since I first stepped foot in Xandari’s forest reserve. Somehow I never tire of this particular stretch, which is a testament to the fundamental charisma of water, and the special charisma of water falling from a significant height.


In one hour it is possible to briskly trek the several miles of trail and catch five waterfalls, plus the several stretches of river that wind through the forest. All along the way the lush green of well-watered flora gives the added therapeutic pleasure we have referred to as biophilia.


Even at that same brisk pace, or a slower pace if you have no other pressing matters, you take in flora that only a mature forest is likely to contain. Most of it, I have no clue whether it is introduced–which due to Costa Rica’s robust agricultural planting, even its forests are full of–or naturally occurring.


Even the micro-flora, or whatever fungi and moss might more precisely be called, is usually awesome enough to stop and look at.


These views change with the seasons, even as the trees mature and create the sense of stability that makes this reserve feel like it is accomplishing its mission.

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