Xandari, Monday Morning


We are currently in the middle of filming a series of short films at Xandari, here in Costa Rica, to match the series of short films we have made of the various Xandari properties in Kerala, India. The film crew arrives at 4:45 so we can catch the rising sun, which I find best viewed from the west edge of the property. Above you can see some of the coffee planted in the last two years, in the midst of one of Xandari’s highly productive organic vegetable gardens. The film crew is drawn to this space at sunrise and sunset. Soon you will see why, cinematically. For now, some more images from the edge of the forest reserve, following Saturday morning’s outing; this time focused on various introduced species of flora that complement Costa Rica’s most famous introduced species of plant (high grade arabica coffee).

First, take note of all the new leaves and shoots coming up among the old coffee from generations back, which has gone wild on the edge of the forest. And below that, some of colorful plants that neighbor the coffee.


I should know the name of these things, below, but I hope someone will share that knowledge in the comments section.


Reds and pinks like this make a good start to a great day.


As do all the flowers in the forest, for that matter.


Even these oddball skinny little white things standing up from the branches (the photo is not upside down as you might first think).


And then, the various palms.


And their various fruits.


Particularly abundant just now.


Birds are going crazy for all of these.


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