#7 Of One Dozen Love Letters About Xandari


Dear Xandari Pearl circa 2026,

I hope the day this photo was taken (yesterday as I type this) will be remembered. Amie wept. Saji shared some wisdom–and we all embraced in the hopeful spirit of looking forward to this lovely property’s prosperity. I shared recollections of my first visit to this property  years before moving to India, and wanted each of the team members to know why this property is the most important work so far in my lifetime. It had to do with this location’s personal meaning to George M George, and how that meaning influenced the design process. Xandari Costa Rica was a big part of that process as well, and the Xandari community should be aware of that special link.

Simple, clean lines would be the three words best describing the design aesthetic guiding the creation of Xandari Harbour. For Pearl, those words were also relevant, but we had other words that came into conversations among ourselves–George M George, Amie and me–all through the design process. Curvaceous. Organic. We tried metaphors, when speaking to various architects who tried to understand what we had in mind. I remember at one point being extremely frustrated that I could not communicate what was very clear in my head, but clear the way a dream is vivid; and suddenly I remembered the time, when I was in my last year of high school, the first time I heard this:

…”still diving down for pearls” struck me that first time I heard it in my late teens, and it stayed with me forever as a perfect way to describe the permanent condition of seeking that perfect expression of love. I know, pretty touchy feely. But when I found this reminder of the song, and played it a few times, it almost miraculously unstuck my thinking. That was the day we had a breakthrough meeting with our architects and finally they got the basic outline of the villas–inspired somehow by pearl–that was in my dream. Ecstasy.

When the property opened we noticed one word coming in the feedback over and over again. Zen. I had never thought of that, nor had we ever used that word ourselves. But one more thing I love about Xandari and all we have been through with it over the decades: I am constantly learning something new. That sounds cliche. But true nonetheless.

I hope in the decade since posting this we will continue to get feedback, and more than anything I hope that in addition to its success as a business this property provides a kind of deeper fulfillment for George M George as it has for Amie and me.

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