#9 Of One Dozen Love Letters About Xandari


Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting a family at Xandari in Costa Rica who were on their first vacation in Costa Rica and at Xandari. The father in the family was a photographer by avocation and he shared various photographs with me that he had taken on that visit. He captured views from the property that I consider to be classic favorites of the guests who know Xandari the best. I asked permission to use his photographs, which he granted, but this is the first chance (oops) I have had to share them.

Then one year ago I had the good fortune to meet them again on their second vacation at Xandari–good fortune in the sense that I do not spend alot of time at the Costa Rica property, and so meeting them again was just funny good luck. Ray showed me more photographs. I noticed his scope and scale had changed this time around.XCRMSN3

From the macro landscapes he mostly showed me the first time his focus seemed to have shifted to the micro level this second time, capturing mostly charismatic flora that he gardens of Xandari have in such abundance. Again I asked permission to use these, and it was granted. Ditto on the lapsed time it took to finally use them.


The photographer, in his day job, travels constantly. He mentioned that he expected to be in Kerala–where I live in India, and where we have developed new Xandari properties–for meetings in Fort Kochi in several months. And it happened! He brought a team of about 15 of his colleagues to visit Xandari Harbour, had a feast at its restaurant 51, and then he was off for photography. This was one of his favorites:


Then two more that he could not decide between. This one:


And this one:


Me? I like them both. So there you go. He took his team the following day and saw a large extent of the Kerala backwaters with Xandari Riverscapes, and they visited Xandari Pearl as well.

Today my idea, what I love most about Xandari, is the loyalty that it has created among so many people who choose to come back. Repeat visitation is actually a norm. Sometimes beyond the norm: we have one large extended family of guests who have been to Xandari in Costa Rica at least one time per year, sometimes as many as three times in a single year, every year since it opened. Wow. And we have guests like this photographer, who I believe is the first guest to visit all Xandari properties. He has my gratitude for reminding me of this loyalty phenomenon.

And now you have his photographs.

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