#10 Of One Dozen Love Letters About Xandari

ADXHArchitectural Digest is not the reason we do what we do. But when they take note, in any manner, we feel the love. Xandari Harbour soft-opened, and within a very short time got an inordinate amount of good press even before the formal opening. Yet the AD mention, which was neither a cover story nor even a particularly huge feature, had a different level of impact on those of us on the team that developed it.

George M George, the visionary who saw the potential in the run down property and particularly the crumbling godown (waterfront warehouse) featured on the left above post-restoration, was that team’s source of energy, inspiration, encouragement–this would not have happened without his excellent leadership.

I take delight in enlarging the section below. Not so much because of the text. Design Director Amie Inman, who gave the architects the instructions for everything from the exterior structures all the way through to the interior design, chose that painting in a stroke of design inspiration that gets as many comments as any other design element in the whole property. It is one of the reasons, many more than a dozen, that I love Xandari.

AD Restaurant Design Article - 51 Feature

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