#12 Of One Dozen Love Letters About Xandari


After our visit to Cardamom County last weekend to bid farewell to our colleagues there, Amie suggested that I amend my dozen Xandari love letters writing engagement to a baker’s dozen: Cardamom County has been so integral to our time in Kerala that it would not be proper to reflect only on Xandari in this manner.

She definitely had a point that I agreed with. Thinking more about this in the days since that visit, I realized that what has been achieved with Xandari would not have been possible without Cardamom County. That is true for me, for Amie and for all La Paz Group contributors to Xandari’s development as a brand: to create the physical spaces, but especially to create the sense of community that now resonates throughout Xandari in Kerala, we built on more than one solid foundation.

One solid foundation was built by George M George, back in the years between when I knew him as a student and when I visited him in Kerala for the first time as a friend. During those years he developed Cardamom County as a community of local ladies and gentlemen who wanted to share their place in “God’s Own Country” with anyone who visited. In this sense Cardamom County shares identical DNA with Xandari in Costa Rica (which of course is the other solid foundation) as nurtured by the Broudys during those same years. It is all about community.

When we arrived in Kerala in 2010 we took up residence at Cardamom County. By 2011, as you can see from the earliest postings here, it was evolving into what would eventually be called our Learning Laboratory. In 2012 we oversaw a substantial renovation of Cardamom County, which gave us the opportunity to work with several key players in the design and contruction professions of Kerala, and to collaborate with an amazing group of design interns. That was all excellent preparation, another kind of foundation, for what we were just beginning to do with the design and building of two new Xandari properties.

So I dedicate this dozenth letter to our good friends and colleagues at Cardamom County, and thank them for all the amazing hospitality they have provided over the years, starting with my first visit there one dozen years ago. Their role in Xandari’s development in Kerala was huge, and I look forward to watching their continued success alongside the success of Xandari. All the best to George M George and his team at MLHS.

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