#11 Of One Dozen Love Letters About Xandari


It is that time of year. Monsoon in Kerala, and what we like to call green season in Costa Rica. The rains are delicious, and give the sense of abundance and replenishment, refreshment. It is the ideal time for ayurveda in Kerala. Or just pure relaxation with a book, escaping the news and other distractions–digital detox–and any of the four properties shown above can help you achieve that bliss.

For one more day La Paz Group will be responsible for ensuring that Xandari delivers that bliss. July 1 onward George M George and his team will be in that role. In making the rounds to all the properties this week we have been experiencing a sensation that maps on almost perfectly to the sensation that has come with two decades of nomadic life.

It is almost identical to the emotions that accompany taking leave of family. I am not inclined to use the “we are family” metaphor in business, or other comparable organizational settings. But in trying to make sense of the emotions that accompany relinquishment of Xandari responsibilities–after six years of property design and development, recruitment and training, brand-building, and all those related responsibilities we have had–I realize that it feels similar to those times when I get a good dose of family time, and then it is time to leave again. I usually know I will see them again, but not necessarily when, so as sweet as the visit has been it is bittersweet to depart.

When guests depart Xandari they often know they will be back; I have the same feeling. It is full of anticipation for what is next, and at the same time acknowledgement of all the good that has come from this visit, and a hope to return before too long. The monsoon is a perfect accompaniment to this process of bidding our colleagues farewell. And I have that website to click on when it is time for my next visit.

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