A New Weekly Feature!



Ergaki National Park. Source: siberiatimes.com

Drawing inspiration from our site’s Bird of the Day, a new weekly feature titled National Park of the Week will publish every Sunday starting on August 28th. We love birds – but other wildlife too! – and we love the environment they (as well as we) live in, so we decided to start this new “column” (if this was a newspaper) to promulgate the protected areas that reflect the range of biodiversity and natural beauty around the globe. Although this weekly article has the words national park in the title, all types of government-protected areas, such as refuges, reserves, sanctuaries, and parks, will be featured in this category. 

In spite of the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which is the philosophy we hold to with our bird posts, this new feature will include a brief summary of the protected area along with the image (or several images, if possible). The aim is to uphold the theme that originally lay the foundation for this site: community, collaboration, and conservation, with a new regular post that will educate our readers and motivate them to visit these destinations. I will be leading this “column” but my hope is that readers will comment after each post and suggest a country or a continent from which they would like to see a national park featured for the following week. Perhaps you will be the first to make a suggestion?


2 thoughts on “A New Weekly Feature!

  1. Great idea, Jocelyn! May I suggest Acadia National Park for your next entry? It’s my favorite National Park in the East, and Maine’s only National Park. Seth and I busted out some sub-7-minute miles there during the fall of 2013. Undoubtedly (I’ll argue this with anyone) the best fall foliage and ocean views in all of New England.

    • Thank you for the support and suggestion, Justin! You will definitely be seeing Acadia featured on the segment in the future

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